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The National Grocers Association (NGA) and Balance Innovations have released the results of their joint 2013 Grocery Retailing Payments Study, which they say is "designed to create understanding of industry payment practices relative to cash, check, debit and credit management, payments automation and other payments related topics, such as coupons and e commerce."

Among the key takeaways:

• "Credit and debit now exceed 60 percent of dollar sales, followed by cash at 23.1 percent. While check usage in the grocery channel has fallen to single digits as a percentage of sales, they continue to have the highest average transaction value at $63.21. The average transaction size across all forms of payments stands at $27.65, with weekly transactions per store averaging 11,000."

• "Two-thirds of grocery retailers do not yet image checks. Among those that do, check imaging in the back office is more common than in-lane."

• "One-third of grocers have some kind of online ordering system in place. An additional 8 percent are planning on adding online ordering in the next two years."
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