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by Kevin Coupe

Car manufacturer Audi wants to make the case that its products are the logical choice for people looking for a luxury automobile and who wish to live long and prosper.

So who better to turn to than Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame?

In fact, both of them.

There's a two minute mini-movie playing on the Web that features Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, the two actors who have played Spock. (For the uninitiated - and I can hardly believe there are many - Nimoy played Spock in the original TV series and all the movies. Quinto is now playing a younger version of the same character - it is hard to explain how, but it has something to do with a rip in the space-time continuum - and will reprise the role in Star Trek Into Darkness, opening in about a week.)

And I have to tell you - it's great. Witty. Pointed (not the ears). Effective. And you can watch it by clicking on the image at right.

One recommendation: stick around to the Eye-Opener at the very end. It's worth it.

And utterly logical.

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