retail news in context, analysis with attitude reports that Apple on Wednesday "passed the 50 billion App Store download mark." What is amazing is that Apple passed the 40 billion mark just last January ...

"That means the company saw some 10 billion downloads in just over four months, or about 78.1 million per day," the story says. "At that rate, it will see 70 billion app downloads before the end of 2013, meaning it will have added 30 billion this year alone. Given that the number of downloads is accelerating, however, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple held a second countdown, for the 75 billion mark, in time for the holiday season this year."

But here's the kicker to the story:

"Apple may not be the first to get there. Google also today shared its own figures for Google Play app downloads, and the company is gaining on Apple’s App Store: 48 billion downloaded so far, at a rate of 2.5 billion app installs per month.

"Given that Google Play showed up on the scene long after the App Store, and assuming it is still growing faster than its main competitor, number one and number two will soon swap spots. In fact, it’s likely this will happen before 2014."
KC's View:

It wasn't that long ago that app stores didn't even exist.

The mind boggles.