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The New York Times reports that "a recent report by Asymco, a research company that follows the industry, found that each Apple retail store was bringing in $13 million in revenue a quarter on average. In Apple’s latest quarter, its stores had growth of 7 percent in visitors, and record revenue of $57.60 from each visitor, the report said. That is remarkable performance, particularly for a nonholiday quarter, when sales generally slow down ... the average number of visitors for each store is 250,000 a quarter, up from 170,000 a quarter in 2010."

Slate follows up on the same report by noting that Apple seems to have slowed down its opening of new US stores, focusing instead on opening stores abroad - and wonders why .

Perhaps the problem, Slate suggests, is that the job of senior vice president for retail has been vacant since last October. The story points out that "Ron Johnson, who did fantastically in the job in the past, is now unemployed again."
KC's View:
There are competing philosophies about Ron Johnson at work here - that of Thomas Wolfe, who said you can't go home again," and that of Robert Frost, who wrote in "The Death of the Hired Man," that "home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in."

As much as I love the Apple Store, and as much as I admire much of what Ron Johnson has achieved, I suspect in this case that Wolfe will win out.