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• The Hartman Group has launched a new website - - that is designed to provide an evolving video window on how people eat, drink, shop and cook.

The site provides both original and curated video focusing on food culture, highlighting actual consumers, and both amplified and contextualized by The Hartman Group's staff of analysts and cultural anthropologists.

Very cool site. Lots of insights, lots of content, and, I think, a strong thematic backbone. CEO Laurie Demeritt and her folks have a great tool here with which they can both absorb and disseminate intelligence about food.

The Denver Business Journal reports that "about 40 Denver-area restaurants will offer dietitian-verified healthy meals under a new program being launched Wednesday by the University of Colorado's Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.

"The Healthy Dining in Colorado program builds on a national template that Healthy Dining, a nutritional consulting company, has undertaken by listing good-for-you options at participating restaurants on its website ... As part of the new program, the 40 restaurants — which have about 300 combined locations throughout Colorado — will create meals that emphasize lean protein, vegetables, fruits whole grains and unsaturated fats." reports that Subway "plans to add more than 3,000 locations worldwide ... The franchise system, the largest in the world in terms of number of locations, currently has more than 39,000 locations in 102 countries ... Since January, the chain has opened approximately 800 new stores in 54 countries, nine Canadian provinces and 46 states in the US, plus the District of Columbia."
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