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Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Walmart "is turning up the pressure to keep its shelves adequately stocked by proposing to tie executive compensation to the issue -- and has asked an outside auditor (Acosta) to alert workers which items to focus on by plastering U.S. stores with neon green dots ... The effort Wal-Mart is expending to fix its stocking issues is notable for a chain that became the world’s largest retailer in part by gaining mastery over its supply chain and logistics."

• The Los Angeles Times reports that two activist groups have filed complaints against Walmart with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), "accusing the retail behemoth and its suppliers of poor labor practices.

"In more than 30 allegations of unfair labor practices filed with the National Labor Relations Board on Wednesday and Thursday, the Our Walmart advocacy organization accused the chain of trying to silence protesting workers. The complaints claim that the company retaliated against, disciplined, intimidated, surveilled and sometimes terminated employees in six states, including California, after the workers voiced opposition to various Wal-Mart activities."

That wasn't all. The Times also reports that "separately, the Warehouse Workers United group Thursday accused a warehouse that stores suitcases from Wal-Mart’s Protégé brand of mistreating employees. In a complaint to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, the group alleged that workers at Olivet International’s Mira Loma facility encountered leaks in forklift propane tanks, blocked fire exits and other violations."

Walmart has not yet responded to the charges and allegations.
KC's View:
Regarding the green dot program ... since when does Walmart lack the internal functionality to make such an initiative happen on its own? I thought this was supposed to be Walmart's wheelhouse ... and the fact that an outside company needs to be brought in to identify where out-of-stocks are hurting Walmart strikes me as potentially yet another black mark on current leadership.