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On Friday, we reported here with great glee that the New York Mets had defeated the New York Yankees in four straight games, victories that provided Michael Sansolo and me (diehard Mets fans) with what we fully expected to be an illusory feeling of optimism.

We were right. Because having defeated the Yankees, the Mets then went to Florida to face off against the Miami Marlins, the worst team in the major leagues - and promptly lost three games in a row.

Here's the deal with the Marlins. Fifty-seven games into the season, they have won just 16 games ... and six of those wins have come against the Mets.
KC's View:
I did get one email on Friday questioning the limited baseball coverage done here on MNB:

Grown men, watching other grown men play a little boys' game… and then breathlessly reporting on it and predicting wonders to come.

Do you trade baseball cards as well?

Of course not. My mom threw out my cards one summer while I was at camp.

But I sense a certain cynicism on your p[art about baseball. Which you certainly are entitled to.

But I would simply recall the words of Robert B. Parker, who once said that "Baseball is the most important thing that doesn't matter."