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• Consumers Union, the advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, has come out in favor of the Connecticut legislation mandating the labeling of food containing genetically modified ingredients and urged Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to sign the bill.

The statements notes that "the bill makes Connecticut the first state in the nation to mandate the labeling of GE food ... The mandate would take effect after four other states, including one bordering Connecticut, enact a similar law. It also requires the aggregate population of any Northeast states that enact such a law to comprise a total population of more than 20 million people."

No surprise here. It is, I continue to believe, a good way to approach this particular issue. take a stand, but wait for some traction so that businesses aren't faced with having to change everything for one state.

• The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that the US Department of Transportation has "canceled plans to allow passengers to carry small knives onto planes, succumbing to months of public backlash from airlines, fliers and lawmakers arguing that the move would endanger the flying public ... The agency's administrator, John Pistole, unveiled the proposal in March after receiving positive feedback from some interested groups, saying that letting fliers carry some pocket knives, hockey sticks, golf clubs and other sports equipment aboard commercial flights was consistent with the agency's move toward more-flexible security policies."

Maybe one of the dumbest policy proposals ever made. Good decision to make the change.
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