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Acosta Sales & Marketing is out with its bi-annual "The Why? Behind The Buy" report, reaching the following conclusions:

The Economy Is Turning The Corner: "Consumer spending is on the rise and up 1.7% in the grocery channel for the first quarter of 2013 ... 33% of shoppers ages 18-44 (Gen X & Gen Y) reported they are making more routine shopping trips, and this number will continue grow as their careers advance, and they marry, have children and purchase homes ... (and) shoppers are buying more in categories across the store including frozen foods, pet food and household products."

People Want To Eat Healthier: "50% of shoppers indicated that they read nutrition labels 'most of the time' or 'always' ... 81% of shoppers report that they 'usually' or 'sometimes' select and consume healthier foods."

The Influence of Digital Engagement is Undeniable: "7 in 10 shoppers use Facebook and 45% of them visit brand pages at least monthly, primarily for coupons and special offers ... Year-over-year measurement of digital behaviors, such as visiting a store website to download a coupon, getting e-mails from a manufacturer/retailer and loading coupons onto one’s shopper loyalty card from a website, are on the rise across the board ... (and) 74% of shoppers polled believe that digital devices are important to log in and update loyalty points, while 71% use digital devices to post a product review."
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