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The Los Angeles Times this morning reports that beginning next month, Starbucks will voluntarily post calorie counts for all its beverages and foods on its menu boards in stores throughout the US.

It is a step that was taken by Panera Bread in 2010, and McDonald's in 2012.

According to the Times, Starbucks says that "the information is already available on its printed brochures and on its website and mobile app ... Starbucks said it has allowed customers over the years to create more healthful options by offering sugar-free syrup with no calories or fat since 1997 and launching a beverage-customization option in 2003.

"More recently, the chain has introduced bakery items without artificial flavors or dyes, cold-pressed juices under the Evolution Fresh brand and salad bowls with fewer than 450 calories each, it said."
KC's View:
To me, it is all about information ... and the argument that "everybody knows" how many calories certain items have holds no water. Just be clear about nutritional information, and let consumers decide.