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The Australian reports that Aldi, the discount supermarket chain, "is taking its assault on the dominant Coles and Woolworths to new heights, launching an online liquor store to serve the eastern states ... Aldi Australia managing director Tom Daunt said the move into online retailing on August 1 would be a world-first for the German-owned multinational and could be a precursor to a full-range internet sales offer.

The paper has previously reported that "Aldi plans to spend more than $500 million to build two distribution centres in SA and Western Australia, where it plans to open up to 45 and 70 stores, respectively."
KC's View:
I read these kinds of stories, and I wonder how much one country, Australia, will serve as a laboratory for other countries where Aldi operates. I also think these kinds of developments ramp up the demands that competitive retailers invest in online shopping initiatives ... because that's where the customer base is going.