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Here's an interesting fact that reinforces the impact that mobile is having on the retail sector...

According to, Starbucks CFO Troy Alstead said last week that almost a third of the company's transactions are done using its stored value card (both physical and mobile), with the company's loyalty program accounting for 25 percent of transactions.

And, he said:

"Mobile payments not launched all that long ago represents greater than 10% now of our U.S. transaction but significant opportunities to again continue to drive the efficiencies, speed of service, a lower cost transaction within our store, a very sticky transaction by virtue of the fact that people have preloaded their money that we hold for them in anticipation of that coming transaction and increasingly an ability for us to harvest that information and really determine in the most effective ways over time to understand our customer to target products toward them and in the appropriate ways and the appropriate ways reach them with our messages."
KC's View:
The Starbucks mobile payment app is one of my favorites. It is fast, efficient, I get benefits (a free coffee after every 10 purchases) and I can track my usage. (So can Starbucks, but I don't care. I get benefits.) From the beginning, Starbucks has made the case for why I should want it and use it.