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by Kevin Coupe

As is my custom at this point in the calendar, I'm going to take a little time off. But this year, there will be a difference. Let me explain...

Like last year, I'm going to spend the entire month of July in the Pacific Northwest, where I'll be team-teaching a class in retail marketing at Portland State University.'s Center for Retail Leadership. And, just like last year, I'm going to take the first two weeks of July off, in part to get settled in and in part to explore the Pacific Northwest with Mrs. Content Guy - we're going to head up to Vancouver at some point (she's never been), plan on doing some hiking and kayaking, and always are looking for Portland-area wineries to visit, in case you have any suggestions.

This year, however, I'm going to change things up a bit. And I hope the result will be a series of Eye-Openers.

Instead of essentially posting a "gone fishing" sign on the site for the next two weeks, I decided that I would conduct a series of e-interviews with business thought leaders who I like and respect, and who have something to say. "The MNB Interview," which will run each workday over the next two weeks (except July 4), poses the same 13 questions to nine different people, with one luminary featured each day. I sent each person the questions, and requested that they answer at least 10 of them; I told them that their answers could be as short or long as they wished, and as serious or irreverent as they liked. What I was looking for was a window into how they think and feel.

Among the folks who agreed to participate: Kroger's Dave Dillon, Dorothy Lane Market's Norman Mayne, Price Chopper's Neil Golub, and Senator Feargal Quinn, the founder of Ireland's legendary Superquinn chain.
I think this is going to be pretty cool, and a nice change of pace as the summer begins. I'll be interested, as always, in your reactions to the series.

But I'm not taking the whole month off. (Some will see this as good news, others as bad news.) MNB will return on Monday, July 15, with all new stories and commentaries. Between now and the 15th, in addition to the "MNB Interview" series, the MNB archives will, of course, be open.

I may post the occasional note or picture on Facebook if the spirit moves me, but for the most part, I'm going to go off the radar. I hope you'll welcome me back with open arms when I return.
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