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The Associated Press reports that in the wake of the controversy surrounding Paula Deen, the celebrity chef who has admitted to making racially insensitive remarks, Target and Home Depot announced that they no longer will sell Deen-branded products.

In addition, diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk said that it and Deen "mutually agreed to suspend our patient education activities for now."

Ironically, Deen's relationship with Novo Nordisk was the matter of some controversy itself, since the chef - who specializes in butter-laden fatty foods - only revealed her own diabetes when she got an endorsement deal with the company.

Deen already had been dropped by Walmart, Smithfield Foods, and Caesars Entertainment. However, not everybody has abandoned her - Deen's cookbooks have been moving steadily up the best sellers list as the racism controversy has unfolded.
KC's View:
I thought that columnist Gene Robinson of the put it well this morning, in addressing what seems to be Deen's total obliviousness about racial attitudes in this country, which has become increasingly clear pretty much every time she opens her mouth...

The woman is 66, not 96. She was all of 7 when the Supreme Court issued its Brown v. Board of Education decision, which means she’s had plenty of time to get used to it. She has spent her adult life in an America where black people are not compelled to be subservient to whites. She has made her fortune in an America where most people, white as well as black, consider warm-and-fuzzy nostalgia for the days of slavery and Jim Crow to be highly offensive.

I’ll put it in terms that someone who missed the last 50 years might understand: All black people are uppity now. Every one of us, I’m afraid.

I hope she figures it out, because anyone that fond of the deep-fryer can’t be all bad. A period of silence would be a good start. My advice: Eat some hush puppies. And don’t talk with your mouth full.