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The Huffington Post has a story about how fast feeder White Castle is testing an innovation in its Elizabethtown, Kentucky, store - "a stainless-steel and glass griddle set within a wall-free kitchen that allows patrons to see their burgers being cooked."

If the test works, the company says, the change will be rolled out nationwide.

According to the story, "White Castle executives said the idea behind the new look is to provide people waiting for their burgers a bit of food-related entertainment -- using an open kitchen to amuse customers in the same manner as knife-wielding sushi chefs and dough-tossing pizza cooks do at other restaurants."
KC's View:
The story doesn't address it, but I also think that having an open kitchen potentially does wonders for food safety practices ... if you know the customer is watching, you are a lot more likely to be vigilant about you handle and prepare food.

Even before I got on this transparency kick, I loved the notion of open kitchens. When I travel, I love to find restaurants that have bars that open onto the kitchen, so I can watch the chefs at work. It is like having dinner and a show ... and usually the food reflects the kind of passion that an increasing number of chefs are willing to put on display for their patrons.

Very smart.