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There is a fascinating piece on suggesting that with all the debate about food in America, about nutrition and obesity issues, and about who is to blame to the apparently sorry state of affairs, it often is a debate between elites on both sides of the issue, rarely involving the actual voices of low income and middle income people who are affected by public policies and private strategies.

An excerpt:

"The assumption is always that every person in America stands between a produce section – bustling with fresh fruits, crisp vegetables and bright herbs – and a McDonald’s parking lot. But in reality the problems with food in America are more complicated than that, and the solutions more diverse than Big Food versus Pollan ... America’s conversations about food politics are dominated by white men talking, taking pot shots at each other for fun and profit. It’s an old game, just as elitist as enjoying that $10 smoothie, just as naïve and ignorant as expecting that every neighborhood has a smoothie shop – instead of a Burger King – on every corner."

It's really worth reading here. (One caution. Some of the language is a little rough.)
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