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Bloomberg reports that Tesco has informed a number of publishers that it "will restrict the sale of so-called lads’ mags to people over 18 and ensure they are displayed in a way that children cannot see the covers that typically feature scantily clad women in sexually provocative poses ... (and) has won agreements from the publishers of some of the magazines that the covers will be more modest from now on."

The story says that "Tesco has come under pressure to stop selling the magazines from U.K. women’s rights groups that claim they are degrading to women and expose children to oversexualized images."

• The Financial Times reports that Tesco plans to open a London flagship store that will feature its F&F fashion line, the first time the retailer has brought this concept to London.

Tesco operates F&F boutiques inside several supercenters, as well as in standalone stores in Central Europe. It also has franchised F&F outlets in the Middle East.

The story notes that "Tesco has indicated that it is moving away from some categories – including consumer electronics, DIY, car accessories, small domestic appliances and certain toys – in order to devote more space to food, clothing and health and beauty."
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