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The Wall Street Journal reports on how Whole Foods is challenging conventional wisdom about its "whole paycheck" image, "increasingly emulating the discount tactics used by traditional supermarkets ... One of the chain's latest initiatives: nationwide "flash" sales on specific items promoted on Twitter and Facebook that run for just a few hours, like a five-hour buy-one-get-one-free deal on ice cream last month. The chain also is increasing one-day sales on items like salmon, blueberries and organic chicken to 17 this fiscal year, from 14 last year."

At the same time, the story says, Whole Foods "is moving beyond the realm of grass-fed beef with more lower-priced items like frozen meatballs and vacuum-packed fish fillets," has "added more conventional fruits and vegetables at lower prices than the organic offerings," and is "opening new stores in smaller markets, suburbs and lower-income urban areas."
KC's View:
Like with any store, it all depends on how you shop there. I use Whole Foods for some specific items that only it sells, and occasionally because it is incredibly convenient. (I can walk to my local Whole Foods, which also means I don't need to use a car. Win, win.)