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First, a little history...

Cirio is a loved brand of tomatoes in Italy, an icon of Italian cuisine in more than 70 countries ... founded in 1856 by Francesco Cirio and now is owned by the Conserve Italia Cooperative, representing 15,000 Italian farmers. That's more than 150 years of tomato growing and packing expertise packed into every can, jar and carton of Cirio's.

Cirio's 100% "authentically Italian" tomatoes are grown in Italy’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil and ripened in the inimitable Italian sunshine, efficiently processed straight from the fields within 24 hours of harvest, bringing the taste of Italy to homes all over the world!

And now, our story continues...

If you can't wait to find out more about how you can feature Cirio's tomatoes in your store, visit Cirio’s website:

For more information call 248-723-1903 or email or .

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