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Reuters reports that "Germany's antitrust watchdog accused Amazon of undermining competition when dealing with third-party merchants and said it would impose reform unless the Internet retailer changed its rules ... At the heart of the watchdog's complaints about Amazon's Marketplace is a requirement that third-party merchants must offer their cheapest price when selling their products over the platform."

The story notes that Germany is Amazon's second largest market, and this adds to the company's problems there; it also has been involved in a pay dispute, with unions threatening a strike during the upcoming holiday season.
KC's View:
I was going to make a joke about Germany's reaction to e-commerce realities being very French ... but then I read the following quote from Andreas Mundt, the president of the German cartel office:

"Luckily, we have instruments of torture, which we will use if necessary."

Now, I'm not sure if Mundt is being serious, or whether he is simply displaying that famously dry German wit.