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A new study published by Food Policy concludes that nutrition guidance program Guiding Stars "influences grocery shoppers’ selections, significantly increasing demand for products that are rated more nutritious, at the expense of those that are not."

Guiding Stars ranks every product in the store according to nutritional attributes and then assigns one, two or three stars to products that qualify and good, better and best for you. The study says that "shoppers were significantly more likely to choose ready-to-eat cereals with one, two or three Guiding Stars, indicating a higher nutritional value, versus those with zero stars, or a lower nutritional value. As a result, the market shares of cereals earning Guiding Stars increased, while those without stars declined in relative proportion."

Food Policy says that the independent research was conducted by scientists at the USDA, FDA and the University of Florida.
KC's View:
While I've been a Guiding Stars fan for a long time, I think that it is a no brainer to conclude that nutritional labeling helps people to make more nutrition-minded purchases. The same could be said, I'm sure, of many of the other nutritional labeling programs out there.

It is simple. More information lads to better informed consumers, and that's a good thing.