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• The New York Times reports on a company called Good Eggs, "a website and delivery service that lets you order food from local farmers and artisanal food makers … Shoppers can go on the site and browse through dozens of virtual stands, searching by the type of item (dairy, meats, baked goods, produce and so forth) or by farm … Good Eggs is one of a handful of companies around the country that are tapping into the local food movement and making it more accessible with technology. They offer a large array of products from a variety of farms, which distinguishes them from services known as C.S.A.’s, or community-supported agricultural programs. C.S.A.’s let people pay up front for a season’s worth of local produce to be delivered or picked up once a week."

In the case of Good Eggs, the reporter on the story placed an order on Wednesday, the food was harvested at and collected from farms on Thursday, and delivered top his home on Friday.

The goal, the Times writes, is to create "an online version of a farmer’s market."
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