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by Kevin Coupe

It's Friday, so let's keep things light…

I have two links you ought to check out this morning…

• First, from an Arkansas satirical site called the Rock City Times (that bills itself as "Arkansas' 2nd most unreliable new source") comes a story about how Walmart has decided to compete with Amazon's developing drone delivery program.

An excerpt:

"Walmart today announced plans to install mini surface-to-air missile batteries on the rooftops of all 4,786 store locations across the United States. The missiles will exclusively target Amazon Prime Air drones."

Very funny. And you can - and should - read the whole thing here. (I just wish I'd thought of it…)

• Second, check out this bit of funny performance art - with a very specific movie reference - that take splice in a Starbucks store. When I saw this YouTube video, it made me happy.

I hope it'll do the same for you.
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