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USA today has a story about how US beer sales have "declined in four of the past five years. Between 2007 and 2012, beer sales fell by 2.3%, or more than 4.8 million barrels." And what is interesting is that there are nine brands "with at least 600,000 barrels in sales in either 2007 or 2012," that have seen dramatic "sales declines of 30% or more over the same period."

The nine brands identified in the story, in inverse order, are Labatt Blue, Budweiser, Heineken Premium Light, Milwaukee's Best Light, Old Milwaukee, Miller Genuine Draft, Milwaukee's Best Premium, Budweiser Select, and, in the most precarious position, Michelob Light.
KC's View:
Forget the quality of some of these beers. (Some of them are so light as to really even be beer, at least IMHO.) The real lesson here is the fragility of even the greatest brands … that the world move son, and business leaders have to find ways to continue to make brands relevant to customers.

There's no danger that Budweiser is going to go away … but almost as soon as I write that sentence, I wonder to myself if it is true. There is a danger to any brand that they can go away … and companies that do not recognize it and deal with it may find themselves guilty of actually hastening the process.