retail news in context, analysis with attitude reports that Amazon may have found a new way to generate revenue out of its delivery lockers, which are located in places such as convenience stores as an option for people who don't want products delivered to their homes or workplaces. (When people make the purchase online, they get a code number. When they get to the lockers during an assigned time window, they enter the code on a pad, a locker opens and they collect their stuff.)

The innovation: advertising that the company appears to be selling to outside companies.

The story says that the ads "could signal that Amazon is getting more serious about the locker program. After all, it’s unlikely it would enter into advertising contracts with consumer brands if they weren’t committed. It also marks a new revenue source for Amazon — a good-sized billboard in front of a retail store that should attract attention of customers the moment before a purchase.

"The lockers also provide Amazon with one of its few physical touch points with customers, so it’s interesting to see the company turning over a portion of that landscape to advertisers."
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