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Advertising Age reports that as Netflix continues to invest in differentiated content as a way of creating as competitive advantage - in essence, choosing to compete with HBO and other content providers rather than just being a place where consumers can access other people's content - its next big effort will be a series about Marco Polo.

The new series will be shot in Malaysia, and is expected to be available to viewers by the end of the year.

Netflix has seen real success with its "House of Cards" TV series, which will see its second series available for streaming next month. Instead of rolling out its series one episode at a time, it makes all the episodes available at once, allowing viewers to consume content at their own pace.

The strategy has prompted companies such as Amazon and Hulu to come up with their own series as a way of differentiating themselves.
KC's View:
When you read "differentiated content" in stories like these, think "private label." Because that's precisely what it is.