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The Chicago Tribune reports this morning that 7-Eleven is banking on consumers' desire for fresher convenience foods as it "ups its fresh food offerings, including a push toward more healthy snacks. With more consumers willing to pop in to a convenience store for a quick meal, 7-Eleven is aiming to build a name for itself in the competitive sector, much as Starbucks and Walgreens have made bigger pushes into food. What's more, officials say food sales are helping offset sagging tobacco sales."

Among the offerings: Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, mozzarella sticks, a $1 chicken biscuit sandwich, hash brown bites, chicken with Sriracha sandwiches on a pretzel bun, a better quality pizza, and an egg white sandwich.

According to the story, "Officials say they're pleased with the results. Same-store fresh food sales grew by 11 percent from 2009 to 2013. Overall, during the same period, fresh food sales grew 58 percent, largely because of the chain's growth."
KC's View:
This has been true for years … that convenience stores no longer can depend on tobacco and beef jerky sales to drive profits and growth. And while 7-Eleven is getting into the act, there have been other companies - like Sheetz and Wawa - that have been aggressively working the fresh foods field for years.