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by Kevin Coupe

Good piece in the Wall Street Journal about a nine-month-old internet company, Harry's, which is endeavoring to outmaneuver more established shaving brands - Gillette and Schick - by bringing a different approach to the business.

Among its moves - the acquisition of a near-century-old German factory that has produced billions of razors over its history. "By running everything from the manufacturing of the razors to selling them online directly," the story says, the guys behind Harry's believe that "the start-up will control its entire customer experience, while allowing the company to change its products quickly … Harry’s is but the latest start-up to reimagine a prosaic product and give it a panache that helps it stand out from the crowd."

The business lessons abound … because there are a lot of industries and companies where managers are trying to figure out how to be leaders, how to disrupt conventional approaches in a way that serves their own growth, and how to create differential advantages that they can exploit in a sustainable way.

You can read the entire story here.
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