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The Associated Press reports that a Minnesota craft brewer, Lakemaid Beer, recently tested a drone delivery system "by flying a 12-pack of its brew to anglers on central Minnesota's Lake Mille Lacs. A video of the experiment posted online showed a small unmanned aerial system, or drone, not much bigger than the beer it carried flying over the head of a curious onlooker, landing on an iced-over lake and setting the beer down in front of a fishing shanty."

Jack Supple, president of Lakemaid Beer, tells the AP that he was inspired to test the system by recent statements by Jeff Bezos, chairman of Amazon, that his company was investing in drone delivery technology. And, he said, a frozen lake in the middle of winter seemed like an ideal place to to test it.

However, with the test on the frozen lake came media attention: "Supple said an FAA inspector heard him talking about his delivery plan on the radio and soon a stack of regulatory information arrived, including a document titled 'Integration of Civil Unmanned Aircraft System in the National Air Space System Roadmap.' The Federal Aviation Administration has barred drone use for commercial purposes since 2007."

The FAA has authorized six sites around the country to test drone delivery systems. But Lake Mille Lacs was not one of them.
KC's View:
C'mon … who doesn't like the idea of going on a laptop or smart phone, ordering some beer (and maybe some chips) and having them quickly delivered via drone?