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Acosta is out with its bi-annual "The Why? Behind The Buy" study, which purports to identify top trends affecting the supermarket industry, concluding that there is a growing "intersection of eating in and eating out" and that people increasingly are seeing the grocery store as a restaurant, or “grocerant.” Millennials, the study suggests, are prime adopters of this trend, "eating out by actually eating in as they take advantage of ready-to-eat foods and meal solution offerings from grocery stores, quick-serve restaurants, food delivery and take away."
Among the other study conclusions:

• Seventy-seven percent of total U.S. shoppers reported eating out in the past month.
• Sixty-six percent brought home prepared foods.
• Sixty-five percent bought food at a restaurant drive through.
• Sixty-four percent ordered food from a restaurant for pick-up/carryout.
• Breakfast and snacking has seen the most growth in away from home eating.
KC's View:
Y'know what would be an encouraging trend? It'll be when a large percentage of consumers say that what they are really looking for is great-tasting food that challenges and satisfies their palates, and that they don't give a damn where it comes from.