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The Associated Press reports that the new farm bill passed by the US Congress, requiring that "labels for steaks, ribs and other cuts of meat include clear information about where the animals were born, raised and slaughtered," is creating concern that it could create a trade war with both Canada and Mexico.

The story explains that "country of original labeling supporters, including consumer groups, environmental groups and some independent farmers, say the requirements give consumers valuable information. But livestock groups and meatpackers say it's costly to have to segregate and track animals along the entire supply chain," which creates problems especially for states along the nation's northern and southern borders.
KC's View:
People and organizations have to stop thinking of labeling as a threat or as condemnation, but simply as information. Sure, it will take some adjustments in certain cases … but in the long run, more and better information, including country of origin labeling, is going to be good for consumers, which means it will be good for business.