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The Nielsen Company is out with a new survey revealing a significant level of economic concern on the pat of many Americans…

• "71% of Americans say the recession is their top concern."

• "26% say the economy is their top concern."

• "Only 28% felt that their current financial planning would get them to their financial goals," while just 31% "felt that they had no confidence that they would meet their financial goals with current or modified asset allocation."

That said, the survey also revealed that Americans are highly focused on saving for retirement, with 30% of respondents saying it is "the one financial goal that received their highest monthly contribution - more than double the global average of 12%."
KC's View:
No real surprise here - it has been well documented that if you are in the bottom 90 percent in this country, things haven't been going nearly as well for you as it has for the top 10 percent. It also speaks to the unique challenge that a lot of retailers have - to establish a value proposition that includes price, which is almost always a concern, but also speaks to the cultural values that many customers still consider a priority.