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by Kevin Coupe has an interesting story about a micro grocery store concept called Stockbox that has been opened in three Seattle neighborhoods deemed under-served by traditional supermarkets. Stockbox focuses on the staples - offering fresh produce, meat, milk and cheese.

And, the stores partner with local producers and with local community centers to offer food education classes.

The concept has been successful enough that Carrie Ferrence, the owner, wants to open three more over the next year or so.

Now, to be clear, it isn't like Stockbox is reinventing the wheel. But it is an interesting notion … that sometimes, when companies think about neighborhood-centric marketing, perhaps they get too fancy, too complicated, too focused on trying to do more than the neighborhoods need and the companies can deliver.

Could be an Eye-Opener. And I'm looking forward to seeing one of these next time I'm in Seattle.
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