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The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is in negotiations to add J. Crew, Ralph Lauren and Lord & Taylor stores to its Marketplace site, along with Abercrombie & Fitch and Neiman Marcus.

According to the story, "Amazon wouldn't sell the goods directly; the listings would be links to the retailers' own sites. The arrangement would generate traffic for the retailers, while providing Amazon with more customer data and a new enticement for its Prime shipping program as it plans to raise rates … For the retailers, an accord would represent something of a deal with the devil. Amazon, with data on nearly 240 million customers and a willingness to lose money on new initiatives, is widely feared as a competitor, even among merchants that sell goods on the site."
KC's View:
One of Amazon's biggest weapons in offering as robust online shopping experience is its Marketplace of outside retailers…which is responsible, experts say, for a significant percentage of its revenue.