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24/7 Wall Street reports that Walmart is putting a major push behind its "made in America" strategy, as it argues that it creates jobs by hiring US suppliers and buying made-in-the-USA goods. Walmart has committed that it will buy $250 billion in such products and services over the next decade.

The strategy is being communicated via social media, with stories emphasizing American jobs and demonstrating "how Walmart helps the jobs economy in America company-by-company, person-by-person. The promotion goes further to describe factories and companies which have been re-opened as part of a renaissance of American industry."
KC's View:
Cynics will say that Walmart has done this before, and backed off when buying products abroad allowed it to sell them cheaper … and it is fair to suggest that its revenue issues will increase pressure on it to find the cheapest sources of product. But I continue to believe that Made-in-the-USA will have increasing appeal, and so hopefully Walmart will stick with this initiative.