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Starbucks, the Seattle Times reports, will next week unveil a smart phone application that "will allow customers to tip from their smartphone, a move that flexes the coffee giant’s digital muscle and could help line baristas’ pockets with money from the millions who use mobile devices to pay for their lattes … The new feature connects Starbucks employees with a rapidly expanding universe of potential tippers: 10 million customers use the Starbucks mobile app, accounting for 12 percent of transactions, double the rate from a year ago … Starbucks processes 5 million mobile payments per week."

All tipping currently is done with cash.The story says that "Starbucks’ tipping feature will give customers the option of tipping 50 cents, $1 or $2 via a push notification sent to their iPhone a few minutes after paying at the register. Customers will have a two-hour window to decide about the tip, or to change the amount."

Meanwhile, in a related story, Bloomberg reports that Starbucks "will test a mobile-phone service for ordering items ahead of time at some U.S. cafes this year as it looks to bolster its smartphone applications."
KC's View:
Excellent idea, and I can't wait to try it … especially because Starbucks first announced that it would soon have this functionality back in October 2012 … and I thought it was a good idea then, too.