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The Chicago Tribune reports that "McDonald’s employees filed seven lawsuits alleging the world’s largest restaurant chain is systematically stealing wages through practices including failure to pay overtime and forced work off the clock, attorneys representing the workers said Thursday.

"The lawsuits, filed in California, Michigan and New York, also accuse McDonald’s of denying workers timely meal periods and rest breaks, and requiring employees to buy their own uniforms or pay to clean those uniforms. Five of the seven lawsuits also name some of the company’s franchisees as defendants … The workers are demanding that the company pay back what they call 'stolen wages' and stop such practices in the future, their attorneys said on a conference call."

According to the story, McDonald's says that it is "reviewing the allegations," and that it is committed "to the well-being and fair treatment of their workers."
KC's View:
Could have been worse. They could have failed to pay overtime, forced off-the-clock work, and mandated that the employees had to eat their meals at McDonald's.

Don't get mad. I'm just kidding. Having a little fun.