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Advertising Age has an interview with Mark Addicks, chief marketing officer at general Mills, in which he talks about how traditional mass marketing techniques have given way to digital micro-marketing that is far more targeted and can be far more effective.

"One of the most exciting things about digital," he says, "is that for the first time you can start to see markets and you can actually get to markets that you never could before because you had to make these choices based on the channels by which you could market, like network TV. The sheer size and scope of those, and the costs, required that you could only market to certain markets: They had to be big. They had to be broad. They had to be able to deliver a certain amount of purchasing power to justify the expense.

"Now with digital you can really start to get these micro markets in new ways that we never could before."

That means, for example, being able to market Cheerios not just as heart-healthy, but in a far more targeted way to people with specific health needs and issues, speaking to them in terms of their needs and desires with greater focus.
KC's View:
Agreed. Totally. We've been saying this for a long time here on MNB … the businesses that compile actionable information about their shoppers and then actually use it in targeted and effective ways will be the winners in the new economy. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind.