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GeekWire reports that ShopRunner, which "offers free two-day shipping across a number of online stores, including GNC, PetSmart, Neiman Marcus, Toys R Us," is responding to Amazon's decision to raise prices for its Prime membership by offering free memberships to new customers who are unhappy with the Amazon move.

“If anyone feels that Amazon isn’t filling your needs, you are welcome to try ShopRunner,” says Fiona Dias, ShopRunner’s chief strategy officer. “It is our guess that there is a fairly decent chunk of Amazon Prime members who will decide it’s not for them anymore.”

ShopRunner will ask new customers to prove that they have been Prime users, and are guaranteeing that when the year is up, they will only be charged a $79 annual fee for a ShopRunner membership.
KC's View:
Smart move. If they can even pick off a few Prime customers, it'll be worthwhile. But I continue to believe that the vast majority of Amazon shoppers won't be switching or even ending their Amazon memberships, simply because Amazon has become an important part of their lives.