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Fast Company reports that Adam Fleischman, the man behind the Umami Burger chain, next month will launch his next "culinary adventure, a not-entirely-appealing-sounding fast-casual outlet called ChocoChicken that's set to open its first outpost in L.A."

Chocolate chicken? Really?

Fleischman describes the product this way: "It uses chocolate kind of like an umami ingredient to enhance and make the chicken more savory. Rather than make a dessert-mash-up sweet concoction, it's really a savory concoction. It's almost indescribable. It's really the perfect food. You bite into it and it's crazy juicy, not dried out. We have a brining process that we do for a day. The outside is really dark because of the chocolate. It plays with your mind, because you think it's going taste one way, but then you bite into it and you're like, 'Wow, this is so different from what I thought it would be--but really delicious.' It just tastes like happiness."

The menu also includes, according to the story, "appropriately off-kilter sides like white-chocolate mashed potatoes and bacon biscuits served with sauces that include, a bit worryingly, something dubbed ChocoKetchup."
KC's View:
Sounds awful. But also awfully tempting. And next time I'm in LA, I'm going to do my best to try some ChocoChicken. Because I don't think I can resist.