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The BBC has a story about how Tesco had to "scrap a national advertising campaign" when it was revealed that the milk cows portrayed in one ad actually were beef cows that never had been milked a day in their lives. (At least, not successfully. Though they might have enjoyed the attempt.)

According to the story, "The mistake has led to people on the social-networking site Twitter venting their beef with the supermarket.

"A spokesman for Tesco said the adverts were being replaced.

"The mistake was first spotted by farmers, who pointed out that the cows on show were a Hereford cross cow - farmed for beef production rather than milk."
KC's View:
Poor Tesco. It can't catch a break. First it was a school kid pointing out a mistake on its orange juice cartons, and now it is farmers suggesting that it does not know what kinds of cows it is using for milk and beef.

I'm sympathetic. I wouldn't have the first idea how to tell the difference.