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Reuters reports that as Lidl plans to follow its arch-rival Aldi into the US, with expectations that it could open at least 100 stores beginning next year, the company announced that its chairman, Karl-Heinz Holland, has left the company over "unbridgeable" strategic differences.

The story notes that Holland has been with the company for 23 years, the last five as chairman, but that nobody has been named to replace him.

The story says that Dawid Jaschok, head of buying and marketing for Lidl, "would also be leaving the company for the same reason," though the specifics remain unstated.
KC's View:
The story also notes that Tesco failed with its Fresh & Easy chain in the US, and hints that differences over the US excursion may be what caused the parting.

Hard to say whether Lidl will be successful here, but I do have a sense that in the right markets, with the right offering, it may be successful … but I'm not sure that the company should be coming to town with the same exact concept that has been successful in Europe. The US is not the same market, and should not be treated the same.