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Forbes reports that Walgreen-owned Duane Reade is engaged in a test with Poncho, a provider of "personalized weather forecasts," that is designed to also provide customized and relevant promotions from the drugstore chain.

The story explains how it works: "Subscribers take a brief survey on Poncho – specifying what time they wake up, how they commute to work, if they have allergies – and then get two weather updates every day, once in the morning when they wake up and once in the evening before they leave work.

"And now they’ll get promotions paired with each message including relevant coupons for Duane Reade products inspired by the day’s predicted weather." That could mean allergy medicines during the spring and cold medicines during the winter, for example.

And here's where the story gets interesting: "It’s not difficult to imagine it being rolled out to Walgreens stores nationally," Forbes writes. "Or that Poncho could make an attractive acquisition as the chain seeks to build its omnichannel presence. In 2011, Walgreens bought for approximately $409 million."
KC's View:
Love this … mostly because I believe fervently in the power of targeted and relevant marketing. And I find the idea that Walgreen could buy Poncho to be intriguing … after all, everybody cares and talks about the weather.