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by Kevin Coupe

The target, apparently, was not just Target.

The Washington Post reports this morning that federal agents informed more than 3,000 companies - large and small, ranging from defense contractors to small, medium and national retailers - were informed by the government last year that their computer systems had been hacked.


The story goes on to say that "the number reflects only a fraction of the true scale of cyberintrusions into the private sector by criminal groups and foreign governments and their proxies, particularly in China and Eastern Europe. The estimated cost to U.S. companies and consumers is up to $100 billion annually, analysts say."

The Post writes that this is the first time that the federal government has revealed the number of private sector companies advised of cyberhacking, and "the disclosure comes as the federal government has struggled to pass legislation to set security standards that companies in critical sectors must follow and to increase information-sharing between the public and private sectors."

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