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GeekWire has a story about a new startup, Gatheredtable, which is designed so that it "automatically generates a menu of weekly meals, tailored for your families’ preferences … The service will cost $10 to $12.50 per month, allowing families to clip online recipes and set preferences. From there, families get a weekly individualized menu with certain meals slated for specific days of the week. Customers indicate how many days per week they’d prefer to cook, and how much time they can commit, and then the Gatheredtable algorithm gets to work spitting out recipes based on food preferences."

In addition, the story says, "For a one-time fee of $125, families also can have a Gatheredtable 'concierge' come to their home to inventory food in the pantry and help enter recipes into the online system. Concierges will log everything from oils to spices, helping to make it easier for busy families to figure out what’s best to cook each week."

The startup currently is in beta testing in just six cities, with a rollout scheduled for later this year. It has raised $1.8 million to fund the startup - with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz among the investors.

"Gatheredtable certainly faces plenty of competition, with no shortage of online recipe and family scheduling applications," the story notes. "Just in Seattle alone, there are services such as, BigOven and Cozi to help families better plan meals."
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