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The Associated Press has a story about US Labor Department survey showing that "young adults born in the early 1980s held an average of just over six jobs each from ages 18 through 26 … 6.0 jobs for men and 6.3 for women."

According to the story, "The number of jobs held varied by educational levels more for women than for men. For men it ranged from 5.9 jobs for those with less than a high-school diploma to 6.0 jobs for those with a college bachelor’s degree or higher. For women, those with less than a high-school diploma held 4.9 jobs over the period while women with a bachelor’s degree or higher held 6.9 jobs.

"The study included the period of the recession that ended in 2009. During that period, jobs across all age groups were lost and overall unemployment soared to 10 percent. It was 6.7 percent in February."
KC's View:
here are two things going on here, it seems to me.

No question that in a tough economy, people with less education are going to have a difficult time obtaining and holding onto jobs.

But there's also the clear indication that people in general are willing to change jobs and feel little or no loyalty to employers … there is a great sense of mobility and flexibility, with a desire to seek greater challenges and/or compensations. That's a challenge to employers - to attract and then keep employees who will then define and sustain those businesses.