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Forbes has a piece online about Toys R Us, where leadership said at a press event this week that its shoppers are unhappy with its stores' "slow checkout process, cluttered and disorganized shopping environment, too-high prices" and too-frequent out of stocks.

"If we cannot please our customer, there’s really little else we can do," says Antonio Urcelay, chairman/CEO of the retailer.

And so, the company says, it is investing in a transformation plan that "revolves around improving the shopping experience and consumers’ price perception of the chain (particularly as shoppers can compare prices online and from their smart phones in an instant), implementing inventory management discipline, and right sizing the cost structure of the company." Toys R Us also reportedly is "beefing up in-store labor in key departments, boosting store associate training to develop 'high-performing, highly-engaged, diverse talent,' and working to expedite the checkout process."
KC's View:
Gee, what a revelation. Toys R Us has crappy stores and too-high prices, and the best way to fix the company is to make the stores' shopping environment less crappy and the prices more acceptable.

Go figure.

I'm not saying that Toys R Us can't be fixed. But I am saying that when you read what the company execs are saying, there is a faint whiff of Blockbuster/Circuit City/Borders in the words….