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by Kevin Coupe

The Washington Post reported over the weekend that is easier to get into Harvard University than it is to get a job at Walmart's new stores in Washington, DC.

That's right.

The nation's Ivy league schools are reporting that this year they have an average acceptance rate of 8.9 percent, with Harvard being the choosiest at about five percent of its applicants being accepted, and Cornell University coming in at a little more than 13 percent. On the other hand, Walmart only was able to hire 2.6 percent of its job applicants in DC.

"This isn't an anomaly," the Post writes. "Last year a Wegman's in Pennsylvania boasted an acceptance rate of 5%, while Google only has room for one half of one percent of its job applicants."

Now, clearly these are different demographics.

It also seems obvious that this says something about the still struggling economy.

Still, it is an Eye-Opener …
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