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Bloomberg reports that Starbucks is having to back off some of the changes it made in its food offerings after it acquired the gourmet baking company La Boulange in 2012.

The goal at the time was to improve the quality and taste of its food products, as well as to be more transparent about the nutrition levels and ingredients in each item. However, the story says, "some customers liked the food better before."

And so, "Starting this week, the company will begin reverting to selling slices of banana, pumpkin and iced-lemon loaf cake - old favorites - in its U.S. stores. Starbucks will be using new La Boulange recipes and existing suppliers to create food that more closely resembles its previous fare."
KC's View:
There have been plenty of criticisms of the new Starbucks food offerings - the servings are too small, they're not as tasty as advertised, and they're too expensive. There's no question that the breakfast segment is getting a lot more competitive, and I'm not entirely sure that Starbucks has cracked the code yet.