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by Kevin Coupe

Fifty years after the opening of the New York World's Fair, the Associated Press has a piece about the predictions that came true … and those that did not.

Among the prognostications that hit the mark, the story says were the picture phone (see Skype and FaceTime), a computer that "would answer scientific questions or give out recipes from a cookbook" (see Google) and animatronics (which presaged the computerized technologies that revolutionized the movies).

Not so accurate: "It included scenes of colonies on the moon as well as in Antarctica, huge underwater dwellings and a machine that used a laser to cut through rainforests, leaving behind paved roads."

And, of course, the use of jetpacks … except in Thunderball (which came out a year later, in 1965).

It is an Eye-Opener…and, I think, a challenge to all of to use our imaginations to consider what the next great and small revolutions might be, and how we can explore physical, cultural, scientific and even spiritual frontiers.
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